Traveling Photographer and Storyteller

IIIIt started out as a dream, riding in the back seat of my parents car, passing by cross streets and wishing I could go down each one. my mind ALWAYS WANDERED as a child, wondering what is over yonder. Just the idea of that set my spirit free. deep down inside I knew there would be a time where "Yonder" is right in front of me. now I am in the driver seat of my car and when it is time for rest, I sleep in the back seat where the dream started! My name is Andrew (Drew) Fant and I have lived as a nomad, to see what was down the road. My goal is to travel and see all the roads of the world. I will share my experiences along the way and make sure everyone get to partake in the Vis-U-Alz!

Andrew S. Fant
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